Remove cockroaches, knowing the enemy ...

Remove Cockroaches: Questions and Answers

How do cockroaches enter your home?

Cockroaches, even when they are quite large, can pass through slits as thin as one-sixteenth of an inch (0.15 centimeters). They can also come to your home through a "walk" in a shopping bag or a briefcase.

 Remove cockroachesWhat do cockroaches like in their home?

Have you ever wondered why you find yourself with the disgusting visit of a cockroach when you turn on the light in your bathroom in the middle of the night?

They love the warmth, the humidity and the darkness of a bathroom at night.

If you find a cockroach in your house, you are more likely to be a member of one of four species: the German, the brown stingray, the Eastern or the American cockroach.

You will have more success to get rid of these annoying cockroaches that have invaded your home, if you have a strategy. Before you start spraying pesticides everywhere in an attempt to kill them, you need to determine where the cockroaches are hanging out; in other words, where his nest is.

What is the easiest way to find a cockroach nest?

 To determine the location of cockroach nests, it is best to set traps for cockroaches, which are achieved as strips that are coated with a sticky tail. The strips with the best results, those containing the most dead cockroaches, should be near your nest.

What elements should you throw away from your home, in order to win the battle for cockroaches?

Paper products serve as a magnet for cockroaches and their friends. Paper products absorb a chemical attraction, pheromones that cockroaches also emit, making it very easy for them to keep and find their way back, to those piles of newspapers or boxes.

Which room in your house does average most cockroaches?

In your battle with cockroaches, it is essential that you clean your kitchen. Food that is left carelessly lying on the table or counter, dirty dishes in the sink, as well as underneath your refrigerator, needs to be carefully cleaned, in order to cut off food and water supply to cockroaches.

Do ready-made sprays sold at grocery stores have to actually hit the cockroach with the repellent to kill it or what is the best way to do the job?

Stomach poisons like baits or boric acid gel are the most effective way to kill your cockroaches. Both are easy to use in those places that are difficult to reach, such as under sinks and behind cabinets.

Commercial cockroach pesticides may contain toxins:

If you decide to use commercial pesticides to eliminate cockroaches, you need to be aware that they can be harmful to humans, especially in children. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully for safe use.

Do not give up the war, even if it seems that you have lost the battle with your cockroaches.

It may take at least a week to see visible results with certain types of pesticides and you may have to fight more than one battle to effectively eliminate cockroaches.