How to avoid bed bugs in hotels

Hotel or Pension with Bed Bugs

The presence of bed bugs in hotels is not due to dirty environments. They do not care if a place is dirty or clean, as long as there is food. Bed bugs can be found in the cleanest of hotels, or in cheap motels.

But this does not mean that you should never stay in hotels or pensions, because the reality is, that wherever you go, the possibility of picking them up is present.

You might think about doing a quick inspection when you are in your hotel room, in the light of day, but being nocturnal creatures, you can not detect them.

Bed bugs are not known for the spread of diseases, but their bites can cause nuisance and itch or various skin problems like allergies. When you leave your house and have to stay in a hotel, you need to take precautions.

Avoid Bed Bugs in a Hotel

Because there can always be a reason why you should spend the night in a hotel or boarding house, you could also play it safe and know the steps how you can avoid becoming a victim of these bugs.

With a little research, you can find the names of hotels that have reported bed bug incidents through an online database or you could try checking guest reviews.

How-To-Avoid-Bed-Bugs-in-HotelsIf it is not possible and since you are on the way, before enjoying the view from the hotel window, it is necessary to do a "check" of bed bugs and make sure to avoid them.

If it is not possible and since you are on the way, before enjoying the view from the hotel window, it is necessary to do a "check" of bed bugs and make sure to avoid them.

Check everything!

Pull back the bedding, lift mattresses, look behind the light tables and headboards. Lift frames, books and magazines, the phone and other things that are close to the bed, which is usually the destination area for these insects.

You may not see bed bugs right away, but if there are signs like blood spots or droppings that look like pepper spots, you are sure that these insects are present.

Try not to put your luggage on the floor, you can place it inside the cabinets. However, be sure to check the cabinets first, before storing your things. Bed bugs in the hotel can jump from one room to another. At first they may not be, but they can come as they perceive food. Make sure you do not take them home, by keeping your things high during your stay at the hotel.

Because bed bugs are everywhere, even on transport vehicles, wrap your suitcases in protective plastic.

In case the inspection is positive or suspicious of bed bugs, let the hotel staff know so they can address the problem properly. Surely, the owners and hotel staff would not want to chase their business for bed bugs.

You may also request to be moved to a new room, at least a couple of floors away.

Most of the bed bug check in a hotel, should be done regularly.

Guests can bring these creatures to hotels and also all hotel owners, do not want customers to have the bad experience involved in these pests. Although they do not transmit diseases, these insects can be carriers of germs and can lead to problems and more complicated issues in our health.

When returning from vacation after staying in a hotel or boarding house:

There is no place like our house and that can not be more true after a long journey. If you know you found bed bugs in the hotel where you were, as soon as possible you should place your belongings to wash in boiling water, wash everything!

Using heat when washing, over 120 ° temperature, effectively kills these unwanted bed bugs. If they are able to enter your home, they can cause you many problems that would mean additional expenses just to get rid of them.

There is no need to avoid hotels, just be cautious. Following the steps above, you can have a restful sleep, without the annoying bed bugs.